F.U Etsy

After 5 Years, 2000+ Sales, 99.5% Positive Feedback score, Etsy decided to finally suspend my seller account due to a copyright violation.

Now with the fact that a very high percentage of the design work I have done is very much fan art it didn’t come to a shock when this happened and I knew that one day, someday the day may come. I totally accept it.


It still sucks balls, it still hurts when you’ve put so much effort in and have made so many people happy and with the nature of what I was selling wasn’t hurting anyone. These were created for the fans, who have already bought their music, the films, the books etc.

This was a service provided to the converted, Making up new art for the sole purpose to express their love and fandom.

So now, here we are, pushed out of etsy and now on our own ground.

Fingers crossed, this works out for us…

Obtw, for the record I do believe the person who put the copyright claim may not have been who he said he was. Based on his email I am willing to wager he was a fellow seller wanting to take out the competition. However Etsy’s way of dealing with these sort of things is to shoot first, ask questions later…

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